The Green Dot

The Green Dot is the trade mark. Placed The Green Dot on packaging means that an obligatory entity pays a financial amount to the packaging recovery organization for take-back, sorting and recovery of packaging in accordance to Directive 94/62/EC.

The Green Dot can be marked on products or packaging distributed in Czech Republic only with acceptace of EKO‑KOM, a.s. which has been authorized by PRO EUROPE organization since September 2000 as a licensee of The Green Dot in the Czech Republic. That means that the EKO‑KOM System fulfils all PRO EUROPE requirements and the System is fully compatible with European systems to ensure take back and recovery of packaging waste.

In accordance to authorized conditions of The Green Dot only one organization can be authorized in existing state. Authorized company in the Czech Republic is EKO‑KOM.

There are special rules for using the trade mark by System s members. EKO‑KOM also covers legal protection of the Green Dot rights for the Czech territory.

The trade mark must not be used in any other way and must not be accompanied by any other text, which could be connected it with the characteristics of the packaging, especially in relation with the protection of environment.


Providing information about Green Dot systems

Since February 2005, EKO‑KOM s Client Department has been rendering a new information service to its clients. If you wish to enter into a contract with a foreign Green Dot system, we will provide you with information on how to enter into a contract with this foreign system, information about legal requirements on packaging, requirements on marking, and about the principles of administrative processes in the system itself.

The service is provided on the basis of an agreement on a closer international cooperation among the Green Dot system representatives in Europe.

At present our Client Department offers information about the following Green Dot systems:

Lithuania Hungary Germany Poland Austria , Slovakia , Slovenia

All information is provided with the knowledge and consent of the above companies, based on mutual agreement. The objective of this service is to make the process of entering into a contract with a foreign system and related communications with the foreign system s representatives as easy as possible.