How to join the system

Your firm/company can join the EKO‑KOM system by signing a Contract on Collective Compliance. The following four points describe how to proceed in signing the Contract on Collective Compliance and joining the EKO‑KOM system.

1. Entry Statement

The first step when joining the system is to complete and submit an Entry Statement about packaging production:

Entry Statement to download


When filling in the report, we suggest proceeding in accordance with the guidelines provided.

After having received the Entry Statement, we will send you by return an e-mail confirming that we have received the Entry Statement, and informing you that a Contract on Collective Compliance will be sent to you. This confirmation can be presented, for instance to customs authorities before the Contract is signed.

2. Contract on Collective Compliance

After receiving the Entry Statement, we will send you two copies of the Contract on Collective Compliance. After having it signed by a statutory officer or a person authorised by a power of attorney, send both copies to our company’s address. After signing the Contract by our authorised representative, one copy will be sent back to you. The Contract is valid from the calendar quarter in which it was signed, and covers packaging production in this entire calendar quarter.

3. Payment of levies and fees

After signing the Contract on Collective Compliance, two invoices will be issued:

  • An invoice for CZK 1,600 excluding 21% VAT, which includes an administrative fee of CZK 800 and a levy of CZK 800 paid to the State Environmental Fund.
  • A pro forma invoice for an advance payment of our fee for recovery and recycling of packaging waste in the first quarter in which the Contract is in force. The amount is determined from the packaging quantity stated in the Entry Statement, based on the current tariff structure.

No pro forma invoice is issued if the invoiced amount does not exceed CZK 20,000. After the pro forma invoice has been paid, an invoice/tax document will be issued.

4. System Participant Certificate

When we receive payments of the invoice for charges and the pro forma invoice for our fee, you will be sent a System Participant Certificate with an assigned Client No., under which your firm/company has been registered in the system.

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