To maintain equal terms and conditions for all EKO‑KOM system clients and to prevent preference or disadvantage of one company over another, detailed random audits of packaging records must be carried out.

Verification of information by means of an audit is required by the Packaging Act, as well as the terms of authorisation determined by the Ministry of the Environment.

The subject of the audit is verification of the completeness and accuracy of information provided by the client according to the Contract on Collective Compliance.

EKO‑KOM, a.s. is not authorised to require an audit of the client on its own initiative more frequently than once every six months.

More about the audit: article Audit of Contract on Collective Compliance

Audits are made up of:

Verification of completeness

  • Comparison of sales units. Accounts vs. input calculation data or statistics vs. input calculation data
  • Examination of storage dispatch areas

Verification of accuracy

  • Weighing packaging
  • Inspection of correct classification of packaging in the statement

Audits are carried out by

  • Deloitte Audit s.r.o.
  • Ernst & Young ČR, s.r.o.


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